How to Stream Steam Deck from PC 2023 – AirDroid (2023)

Since its launch, Steam Deck has become one of the most loved gaming devices. It features hundreds of games and a portable design. And, with the option to stream Steam Deck from PC and vice versa, gamers can play many PC games on the go and combat the limitations of the Steam Deck.

This ultimate guide summarizes needed information for Steam Deck and tells you how to stream Steam Deck. Check it out!

  • 1: What is a Steam Deck?
  • 2: Can I Stream on Steam Deck?
  • 3: How to Stream Steam Deck from PC?
  • 4: How to Connect Steam Deck to PC?
  • 5: What Games Can I Play on Steam Deck?
  • 6: How to Get an Optimal Streaming Experience for Steam Deck?
  • 7: What Can You Gain from Steam Deck Streaming?
  • 8: How to Troubleshoot Steam Deck Problems?

Part 1: What is a Steam Deck?

You may be wondering what Steam Deck is, and you are not alone. So don’t worry. You will learn something about Steam Deck in this part.

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Steam Deck has been introduced in 2022, and developed by Valve that is the famous video game developer company. And that may help you make a first impression on Steam Deck. You know Steam, and you should also heard about Steam Deck. It is a handheld gaming device running Linux distribution SteamOS, so you will be able to install and run Windows applications in Steam Deck.

With that said, Steam Deck not only allows you to play games, but also download, install, and use Windows applications as well.

Part 2: Can I Stream on Steam Deck?

Can I stream on Steam Deck? Yes, of course! You can stream Steam games on Steam Deck easily. Steam has featured the streaming function to help gamers to stream Steam games on supported devices. Therefore, it would not be a problem to stream on Steam Deck.

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Why you should stream Steam Deck?

Even though Steam Deck is powerful and brings us lots of fun experience, you may want to enjoy the game play on another screen. For example, you may want to enjoy the game play on a larger screen, then you will need to stream Steam Deck to PC. Sometimes, you may want to transfer files from Steam Deck to PC, then you can also do that with the guide below.

Why is Steam streaming so bad?

When people perform streaming on Steam Deck, one of the commonly asked questions is: why is Steam streaming so bad? Well, streaming Steam requires a strong WiFi connection, so you should check the network condition when you encounter the poor streaming experience on Steam or Steam Deck.

Additionally, the hardware specifications would be another factor to consider. A powerful hardware device would be able to handle the rigors of streaming.

Why does it say 'Stream' instead of 'Play' on Steam?

As a matter of face, you will be able to “Play” Steam games. But if you see “Stream” instead of “Play”, that means that the Remote Play feature of Steam is taking place. With Steam Remote Play enabled, you can stream the Steam games on the support devices, without having to install the game itself.

Part 3: How to Stream to Steam Deck from PC

Are you asking yourself: “Can Steam Deck stream from PC”? The answer is “Yes.” So how does Steam Deck stream from PC?

First, you must ensure Steam is installed on both devices before you can stream and that they are both connected to the same WiFi network.

This section will discuss two ways to stream Steam Deck from PC.

Way 1: Stream Steam Deck from PC via Remote Play

Remote Play is a feature on Steam that allows you to launch a game on a computer and play it on another. You can also invite friends to join you by streaming Steam without having to own or launch the game themselves.

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How to stream from Steam Deck to PC via Remote Play:

  1. Step 1.Connect your Steam Deck to your local network.
  2. Step 2.Launch Steam on your PC and click the Steam tab from the top left corner.
  3. Step 3.Select Settings from the drop-down menu, then click on Remote Play.
  4. Step 4.You should see the Enable Remote Play option. Then, turn it on.
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  6. Step 5.Click on Advanced Host Options and ensure you select Use NVFBC capture on NVIDIA GPU.
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  8. Step 6.Go back to your Steam Deck and launch the Steam Link app.
  9. Step 7.Sign in to your account and ensure both devices are connected to the same wireless network.
  10. Step 8.Choose the game you want and select the Stream option on Steam Deck.
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  12. Step 9.The game should stream to your Steam Deck from your PC.

So you can stream Steam games from PC to Steam Deck very easily!

Way 2: Stream Steam Deck from PC via AirDroid Cast Web

If you want to screen mirror from PC to Steam Deck, you can try the third-party screen mirroring software such as AirDroid Cast.

AirDroid Cast is a screen mirroring app that seamlessly mirrors one device screen to another using a wired or wireless connection. To do so, you will need to add a web browser in your Steam Deck, and then you can start mirroring.

How to add a web browser on Steam Deck

  1. Step 1.Hold down the power button on Steam Deck and boot it in Desktop Mode.
  2. Step 2.On the desktop mode, click the Store icon (Discover) from the Taskbar, and then search Chrome (or another other preferred web browser).
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  4. Step 3.Click Install from the list to install Chrome.
  5. Step 4.In the Steam mode, click Add a Game, and scroll down to find Google Chrome (or the browser you just installed), select it, and click Add Selected Programs.
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Once done, you can now start mirroring your PC screen to Steam Deck by following these steps:

  1. Step 1.Launch the web browser in Steam Deck, and type and go. You will see a QR code or 9 digit code on the web browser.
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  3. Step 2.On your PC, download and install AirDroid Cast. Launch the app and click Cast to. Then enter the 9 digit code from the web browser on Steam Deck.
  4. Download Now

  5. Step 3.Allow the permissions and start broadcasting.
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Voila! Your PC screen will be streamed to Steam Deck now.

AirDroid Cast not only allows you to mirror your favorite Steam games, but you can also stream Xbox to Steam Deck using the app.

Part 4: How to Connect Steam Deck to PC

The primary reason to connect Steam Deck to PC is for file transfer. You can transfer photos, movies, game mods, etc., and access them through Steam's desktop mode. This section will discuss how to connect Steam Deck to PC.

Way 1: Warpinator

Warpinator is famous for file transferring. It's free open-source that supports sending and receiving files on the same local network for Linux and Windows users.

How to transfer files via Warprinator:

  1. Step 1.Download and install Warpinator on your PC. Download the 0.1.2 version.
  2. Step 2.Install and add Warprinator on Steam Deck. You will need to boot Steam Deck in Desktop Mode, and then click Discover (store icon) to search Warprinator, click Install. Then go to Steam > Add a Game > select Warprinator > Add selected programs.
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  4. Step 3.Launch Warprinator on both PC and Steam Deck, and choose the other device that you want to send files to. For example, if you want to send files from Steam Deck to PC, then choose your PC from Steam Deck on Warprinator.
  5. How to Stream Steam Deck from PC 2023 – AirDroid (12)

  6. Step 4.Click Send files or Send folders.
  7. Step 5.Choose the files you want to transfer.
  8. Step 6.When you see Waiting for your approval, allow the request by clicking the checkmark.
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  10. Step 7.When you see completed, the files are now on your Stream Deck.

Way 2: Portable Media

Another possible method to transfer files between PC and Steam Deck is using a portable media, such as USB flash drive or a SD card. However, you will need to format your SD card to exFAT file system on your PC first, otherwise your data will be formatted and lost.

Connect the SD card or USB drive to Steam Deck, and boot it into Desktop mode. Transfer the files to the SD card or USB drive, and disconnect them from Steam Deck before you boot into Game mode.

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Kindly note that you can not add the USB drive or SD card as a method to expand the external storage for your Steam Deck.

Way 3: Network Drive

A third way to connect Steam Deck to PC is using a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device.

How to Stream Steam Deck from PC 2023 – AirDroid (15)

  1. Step 1.Switch Steam Deck to Desktop Mode.
  2. Step 2.Open the Dolphin File Explorer.
  3. Step 3.Select the network.
  4. Step 4.Choose a NAS device to access files on Steam Deck.

Part 5: What Games Can I Play on Steam Deck?

Steam Deck features hundreds of games, both modern and vintage. Here are some of the best games to play on Steam Deck:

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Vampire Survivors: Vampire Survivors is a game where the player fights against hundreds of monsters using an auto-attacking character.

Elden Ring: Elden Ring is played by controlling a character on a journey to repair the titular Elden Ring and become the new Elden Lord.

Hades: Hades follows Zagreus, the son of Hades, as he tries to escape the underworld to Mount Olympus.

Stray: Stray is a Sci-fi adventure game that features a stray cat who falls into a cybercity and sets out to escape with the help of a drone companion, B-12.

To know more verifies games for Steam Deck, you can check this verified game list from Valve’s Steam Deck.

Part 6: How to Get an Optimal Streaming Experience for Steam Deck

Many of you may want to enjoy the best possible streaming experience on Steam Deck, so what else can you do streaming from Steam Deck?

First of all, pay attention to the network connection, which is one of the most important factor to affect your streaming experience. Always use a strong WiFi connection. The minimum speed should be 5Mbps for streaming video games.

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Secondly, make sure to get the best possible hardware equipment, since this is a basement of the streaming experience. Ensure to update your PC and Steam Deck to the latest version.

Thirdly, adjust the screen resolution to match your streaming device.

Part 7: What Can You Gain from Steam Deck Streaming?

So we will discuss what benefits you can gain from Steam Deck streaming. Usually, you can enjoy from the following situations:

  • Stream Steam games from Steam Deck to PC, or stream from PC to Steam Deck. Delighting your gaming life would be easier with streaming.
  • Larger compatibility with PC games allows you to choose more games without hardware limitations.
  • You can transfer files easily by connecting your Steam Deck with PC.
  • You can use your Windows computer as portable as on your Steam Deck.

Part 8: How to Troubleshoot Steam Deck Problem

There might be some commonly-seen issues while streaming Steam Deck. Here you will learn how to fix these issues.

Case 1: Steam Deck Stream from PC No Sound

If you are facing a steam deck stream from PC no sound issue, here are some solutions:

  1. Step 1.Ensure the sound is not muted on both devices to stream Steam Deck.
  2. Step 2.If that's not the problem, check if the audio output is set to an external speaker. A wrong audio output source will prevent you from hearing sounds, so set the Steam Deck as the output device.
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  4. Step 3.Unplug the external sound card or headphone from the PC: If you unplug it incorrectly, the Steam Deck may be tricked into thinking the headphone is still there. To fix this, plug in your headphone again, rotate it a few times, and pull it out gently. Then, check if the headset icon has disappeared.
  5. Step 4.Install the latest driver to update your device driver on your PC. Once you are done, restart your PC and see if the audio is back.
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Case 2: Steam Deck Stream from PC Laggy

If you are experiencing Steam Deck stream from PC laggy or Steam Deck streaming from PC low fps, troubleshoot with these steps:

  1. Step 1.Unchecking the Hardware Decoding Option on the Steam Deck Settings: In the Steam app, go to Settings > Remote Play > Advanced Client Options. Then uncheck the box next to Hardware decoding, and click OK.
  2. How to Stream Steam Deck from PC 2023 – AirDroid (20)

  3. Step 2.Disabling the Steam Overlay Via the Steam Setting: Go to Settings in Steam > In-Game > Untick Enable the Steam Overlay while in-gaming.
  4. How to Stream Steam Deck from PC 2023 – AirDroid (21)

  5. Step 3.Play Games in Windowed Mode: Another solution to Steam Deck Stream from PC laggy problem is to set a game to the windowed mode.

However, there are some side effects, like controller configuration in games not being accessible. To prevent this, configure the controller for the game before adding the argument to the launch options.

Case 3: Steam Deck Streaming from PC Controller Not Working

If your Steam Deck controller is not working, here's how to fix it.

  1. Step 1.Software Updates in Steam Settings: keep your games up-to-date can fix the issue. Go to Steam Library > Game’s library page > Manage > Properties > Update to update the game.
  2. How to Stream Steam Deck from PC 2023 – AirDroid (22)

  3. Step 2.Restart Devices and Reconnect Again: Restarting your device may help too. Hold the power button down for 10 seconds to restart. If it's an external controller, you can reset it by plugging it in and then unplugging it.
  4. Step 3.Unhide Devices from Steam Settings: Switch to Desktop mode and navigate to Steam > Settings > Controller > General Controller Settings. You will see a button to unhide devices. Click on it.
  5. How to Stream Steam Deck from PC 2023 – AirDroid (23)

  6. Step 4.Select Proton Experimental in Game Option: If others fail, you can also try this method. Open the game that's having issues, and go to Options > Developer > Delete Proton Files. Go to Options > Properties > Compatibility and select Proton Experimental.

Part 9: Summary and FAQs about Steam Deck

So this article has summarized the essential information for Steam Deck streaming. To simply put, you can stream Steam Deck via Remote Play or via AirDroid Cast.

Additionally, you can connect Steam Deck with your PC for file transferring, which would be of great help to extend the usage of Steam Deck.

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FAQs about Steam Deck Streaming

Can I play offline with Steam Deck?

How to Stream Steam Deck from PC 2023 – AirDroid (24)


Yes, you can play a game offline with the Steam Deck, as long as it doesn't require an internet connection. But if a game needs an internet connection, you must be online to play on Steam Deck.

Can the Steam Deck stream to Twitch?

How to Stream Steam Deck from PC 2023 – AirDroid (25)


Yes, you can Stream Steam Deck to Twitch Studio.

Can I stream Netflix to Steam Deck?

How to Stream Steam Deck from PC 2023 – AirDroid (26)


Steam Deck streaming to Netflix can be done by installing Chrome or using the built-in Mozilla Firefox. However, you should note that you can only stream Netflix at 720p.

Is Steam Deck a streaming console?

How to Stream Steam Deck from PC 2023 – AirDroid (27)


No, Steam Deck is not a streaming console. It's a handheld gaming device that lets you play games from the Steam library.

How to connect Steam Deck to a monitor?

How to Stream Steam Deck from PC 2023 – AirDroid (28)


You can connect Steam Dock to a monitor using the USB-C port on the device. Use the USB-C port on the Steam Dock to connect to the monitor using a USB-C to HDMI or DisplayPort cable. After connecting them, turn on the monitor and select the appropriate source input.


How do I stream from my PC to Steam Deck? ›

Part 3: How to Stream to Steam Deck from PC
  1. Connect your Steam Deck to your local network.
  2. Launch Steam on your PC and click the Steam tab from the top left corner.
  3. Select Settings from the drop-down menu, then click on Remote Play.
  4. You should see the Enable Remote Play option.
May 12, 2023

How do I improve Steam Deck streaming? ›

Navigate to Advanced host options and check the Change desktop resolution to match the streaming client option. This will ensure your pc is not wasting power on running games above the Steam Deck resolution. Also, check the Prioritize network traffic option. It will stable the stream on slower networks.

How do I stream Steam Deck to my phone? ›

If you have an Android phone or an iPhone you have to go to the Google Play store or the Apple App Store and download the KGE App. After that's done you have to then pair your phone to the Steam Deck. That's all you need to do and then you'll get these awesome smartphone features to work on your Steam Deck.

Can you stream your Steam Deck to your TV? ›

The Steam Deck doesn't come with an HDMI 2.0 port built-in, but you can connect it to your HDTV using an HDMI to USB-C adapter. The handheld's singular connector also features DisplayPort 1.4 support, meaning you can use it with conventional TVs and high-spec monitors.

Does stream deck work with PC? ›

To stream a game from your PC to your Steam Deck, open the game from your library on the Steam Deck, tap the down arrow next to the install button, and select your PC from the list. The install button will change to a stream button, which you can tap to start playing.

Does stream deck have to be connected to PC? ›

No, docking is more akin to plugging a USB-C hub into a PC. Steam Deck runs at full performance in portable mode.

What is the best setup for Steam streaming? ›

To optimize your network: Choose the 5 GHz WiFi band over the highly congested 2.4 GHz band. The 5 GHz band has a shorter range, but there is less interference from your neighbors and other wireless devices. Choose a WiFi channel on the Access Point (AP) that isn't congested.

What is the best resolution for Steam Deck streaming? ›

From my own testing, I found you'll get much smoother performance if you output the Steam Deck at 720p or 1080p on a TV. You'll also definitely want to go into a game and change the settings to accommodate the change in screen resolution.

How do I get 40 fps on my Steam Deck? ›

How to change to 40Hz on Steam Deck. While in Gaming Mode, you can change to 40Hz by pressing the three-dot button and scrolling down the menu to Performance. Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates on Esports, Gaming and more. After this, go to “Refresh Rate” and cycle that down to 40Hz.

How do I make Steam Remote Play not lag? ›

An unstable network connection is the main reason for Steam Link audio lag. To avoid this situation, we recommend you connect to a wired network using an Ethernet cable, which can help you get good performance for game streaming.

How do I change desktop resolution to match streaming client? ›

For the best experience, you can also make one small tweak. Open the Steam client on your PC and select Settings > Remote Play > Advanced Host Options. Check Change desktop resolution to match streaming client to help your PC use less power by automatically matching the Steam Deck's maximum resolution. Then hit OK.

Are there apps for Steam Deck? ›

The Steam Deck runs KDE Plasma, and there are plenty of touch-friendly Plasma Mobile apps that can feel right at home on the Steam Deck in desktop mode. And if you expand your options beyond the Plasma ecosystem, there is even more touch-friendly Linux software for you to explore.

How do I cast Steam Deck to my TV wirelessly? ›

Here's how to set it up:
  1. Open the Steam Link app on the smart TV. ...
  2. Sign in to your Steam account.
  3. Turn on your Steam Deck and connect it to the same Wi-Fi network.
  4. On the Steam Link app, select Steam Deck.
  5. The app will give you a PIN to enter on your Steam Deck, pairing the two.
Jan 7, 2023

Can a Steam Deck replace a PC? ›

In the Steam Deck's desktop environment, you will find everything you need to use the system like a PC. Some applications are pre-installed, while others can be added later. To access your favorite websites, the Steam Deck has a browser already built in.

Is it okay to use Steam Deck while charging? ›

Is it OK to play Steam Deck while charging? Yes, it is safe to play games on Steam Deck while it is charging. Once the battery is full, the Steam Deck stops charging the battery and runs on the power adapter. So, the battery health is preserved, and you can continue to game on for hours.

What is the best browser for Steam Deck? ›

Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers on desktop and mobile, and even Steam Deck owners might want to use the browser to surf the internet on their handheld console.

Does stream deck need software? ›

You'll need a physical Stream Deck or the Stream Deck app on your phone or tablet. If you haven't picked a device yet, see how to choose between the Stream Deck models. Once you have the required hardware or mobile app, download the Stream Deck software from Elgato's site.

Can you use stream deck software without hardware? ›

Elgato Stream Deck does not require Elgato capture hardware or software to function. It is a stand alone customizable keyboard. If you want, you can use Stream Deck to accentuate your Elgato Game Capture HD software experience.

What are the benefits of Windows on Steam Deck? ›

Installing Windows 11 on Valve's Steam Deck can help you gain full access to your Steam games library, including the titles that are not natively compatible with SteamOS. It also effectively converts the Deck into a full-fledged PC.

Does Stream Deck work with Windows 10? ›

Installing Windows 10 on Steam Deck can open the possibilites of what you can do with Valve's handheld game system, but it's not without limitations. As of its launch at March 2022, no audio driver for the Steam Deck so you'd need to connect a Bluetooth speaker or headset for sounds with Windows.

What is required for Steam streaming? ›

Hardware: We recommend a minimum of a quad-core CPU for the computer running the game. The client has more modest requirements, but should have a GPU that supports hardware accelerated H264 decoding. Any recent laptop or PC should meet the client requirements.

What setup do I need for streaming? ›

What is a basic streaming setup? As a beginner, you need five basic things to go live: a camera, streaming software, a microphone, a computer and a good internet connection. You can also add accessories that will drastically improve the quality of your live stream without too much effort.

What Internet speed do I need for steaming? ›

What is the Minimum Internet Speed for Streaming? For just one person on one device streaming a standard-definition (SD) show, you need a minimum of 3–10 Mbps. For HD videos in general, 10–18 Mbps is adequate for most streaming purposes. To stream in Ultra HD Video, you'll need 18–25 Mbps.

Can you stream 4K to Steam Deck? ›

The Steam Deck supports resolutions up to 4K (3840 x 2160) at 60hz when docked. Here are some key resolutions and refresh rates that the Steam Deck can support via HDMI 2.0: 3840 x 2160 @ 60Hz.

How much RAM does the Steam Deck have? ›

Valve stated that the CPU has comparable performance to Ryzen 3000 desktop computer processors and the GPU performance to the Radeon RX 6000 series. The Deck includes 16 GB of LPDDR5 RAM in a quad-channel configuration, with a total bandwidth of 88 GB/s.

Is Steam Deck better than Switch? ›

Steam Deck vs Nintendo Switch: Trading performance for battery life. Performance was, and still is, one of the major talking points around the Steam Deck when it comes to Switch comparisons. There's not really any way around it: the Steam Deck has much faster performance.

What is the highest refresh rate for Steam Deck? ›

Once the install is done, reboot the Steam Deck for changes to take effect. After reboot, the custom refresh rate will be available. It can be set as high as 70Hz!

What is the highest frame rate for Steam Deck? ›

With 30 fps as the minimum frame rate, Steam Deck can also run the game at a higher frame rate with some settings tweaks, especially since it only targets 720p resolution output.

What is the average FPS on Steam Deck? ›

As with a PC, Steam Deck users can adjust their graphics settings and frame rates. The usual go-to settings are between 30 FPS and 60 FPS. Unfortunately, this usually means players choose between sacrificing visuals for smoother/faster gameplay or increasing visual fidelity for smoother gameplay.

Why is Steam so laggy all of a sudden? ›

This can be caused by overheating, or it can be caused by attempts to conserve battery power. Sudden slowdowns – where the game is running fine and then the frame rate drops quite suddenly – are sometimes caused by these CPU slowdowns.

Why is Steam lagging so bad? ›

Overheating routers have been reported to cause network connectivity issues and symptoms of lag. In addition to ensuring your router is operating at optimum levels, it may be useful to forward gaming-related ports to your machine if you are the only user on your home network who will be playing Steam games.

Why is Remote Play so laggy? ›

Other devices on your network might be using a large amount of bandwidth, e.g. when downloading content. Wait until they're idle before using Remote Play. 3. If your connection speed is low (below 5 Mbps), reduced streaming quality may be due to the network environment.

What is the aspect ratio of Steam Remote Play? ›

  • Open your TV or display settings menu.
  • Adjust the aspect ratio to 16:9.
  • If your TV or display has different display modes, switch to Game or PC mode.

What resolution is 4K? ›

By comparison, 4K resolution is 2,160 pixels tall and 3,840 pixels wide (the term 4K is derived from the width – there is also a professional 4K standard that is 4,096 pixels wide). Combined, this equals nearly 8.3 million individual pixels in total, or four times as many pixels as Full HD.

Can you watch Amazon Prime on Steam Deck? ›

At the top, hit the 'hamburger' menu button (three lines) and then choose preferences. Now, in the following menu, choose 'Sources'. You'll now be able to toggle on Amazon Prime Gaming, as well as any other stores you want to activate.

Can the Steam Deck connect to Chromecast? ›

Yes. Though the Steam Link app isn't directly compatible with Chromecast, you can still cast the link. You can cast the Steam Link app from your phone or PC to a Chromecast dongle connected to your TV.

Is there HDMI on Steam Deck? ›

Official Steam Deck Dock

It features three USB-A 3.1 ports, Ethernet, a DisplayPort, and an HDMI port for hooking up to your TV.

What happens if you connect Steam Deck to PC? ›

If your Steam Deck is on the same network and your PC is running Steam, you can also connect Steam Deck to PC through Steam. This doesn't allow you to transfer files, but it allows you to stream games to your Steam Deck that is connected on your PC.

Is Steam Deck as powerful as a PC? ›

It's quite possibly the most powerful gaming PC ever sold for $400, with roughly the power of a PS4 under its 7-inch screen.

Why get a Steam Deck instead of a laptop? ›

Battery size is an important factor, and one that keeps the Steam Deck's power-sipping APU from vastly outperforming a gaming laptop. The small, compact Deck has a small 40 watt-hour battery. It's tiny compared to gaming laptops, which tend to have a battery size between 50 and 99 watt-hours.

What temperature is good for Steam Deck? ›

“Steam Deck performs at its best in ambient temperatures between 0° and 35° C (32 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit),” the company wrote in a tweet(Opens in a new window).

Can I use 45W charger for Steam Deck? ›

【Charge Steam Deck at Full Speed】The Steam Deck comes with a 45W charger, this 45W USB-C Fast Charger can completely replace the original charger, full charge your steam deck about 2.5 hours.

Should you charge Steam Deck to 100%? ›

Based on my experience, it's best to let your battery charge until it's full. This will also let your device rest, and you to focus on other things that doesn't require using your device, so it's a win-win for all aspects. Letting your battery charge until full before using it will also extend its life.

Can you boost Steam Deck performance? ›

If you're looking to improve the performance of your Steam Deck, then you can do so with the help of CryoUtilities. Designed by a Steam Deck community member, it is a handy tool that allows you to tweak settings and help get more out of your portable powerhouse.

How do I optimize my Steam Deck settings? ›

Best Settings for this are as follows:
  • Steam Deck 40Hz cap.
  • Steam Deck 40FPS Cap.
  • Medium preset in-game to start with.
  • Set sharpness to 30-60 as desired.
  • AMD FSR 2.0 - Quality.
  • Distortion - Off.
  • Font Size - Large.
  • Cursor Size - Medium.

How do I get 1080p on Steam Deck? ›

Steam Deck resolution settings – how to change resolution
  1. Click the Steam button and head to settings.
  2. Then click on Display.
  3. Under external display scaling find resolution.
  4. Set to your desired resolution.

How can I improve my gaming stream? ›

12 Ways to Improve Your Twitch Stream
  1. Quality Over Quantity. It's important to focus on quality over quantity for your Twitch stream. ...
  2. Use a Stream Controller. If you're serious about streaming, you should consider using a stream controller. ...
  3. Add Some Stream Alerts. ...
  4. Plan Your Stream Content. ...
  5. Be Consistent.
May 3, 2022

What is the max speed for Steam Deck? ›

Which microSD cards work on Steam Deck? Any microSD card will work with the Steam Deck. The Steam Deck has a maximum speed of 100MB/s on its external card port, so you don't need to go faster than that, but you will want speeds close to it though.

Is there anything more powerful than the Steam Deck? ›

The devices we would personally choose are the Asus ROG Ally, the AYANEO 2 and the GPD WIN 4. Although the last two are at a higher price than the Steam Deck, these are the most complete alternatives currently in development.

What is scaling filter on Steam Deck? ›

Under the Performance menu, select Scaling Filter for any game. With this option, Steam Deck owners can run games at a lower resolution and scale them to the device's native resolution.

What is the resolution of Steam Deck 256gb? ›

  • Resolution. 1280 x 800px (16:10 aspect ratio)
  • Optically bonded IPS LCD for enhanced readability.
  • Display Size. 7" diagonal.
  • Brightness. 400 nits typical.
  • Refresh Rate. 60Hz.
  • Touch Enabled. Yes.
  • Sensors. Ambient light sensor.

Does Steam Deck have 8k? ›

Though limited by the processor speed, the display output from the Deck via the dock can reach as high as 8k resolution at 60 Hz or 4k resolution at 120 Hz; this resolution boost can also be achieved by attaching the Deck directly through a USB to HDMI adapter without the use of the docking station.

How do I maximize stream quality? ›

Ten Tips for Improving Live Stream Quality
  1. Use Quality Equipment. ...
  2. Check Your Lighting Setup. ...
  3. Find the Right Video Platform. ...
  4. Limit the Number of Open Applications. ...
  5. Use High-Speed Internet Connections. ...
  6. Connect With an Ethernet Cable. ...
  7. Look at the Video Bitrate. ...
  8. Stick to Streaming Platform Guidelines.
Feb 3, 2022

Why is my stream quality so bad? ›

Bandwidth and Unstable Internet Connection: A stable internet connection is necessary for a hiccup-free live stream. If your internet speed is slow or unstable, your stream can become pixelated. Try these best practices when streaming: Avoid connecting too many devices to your wifi while streaming.

How do I make my stream clearer? ›

Table of Contents
  1. Invest in High-Quality Live Streaming Equipment.
  2. Optimize Your Live Encoder Settings.
  3. Use a Professional Online Video Platform.
  4. Choose a Powerful CDN.
  5. Use a Reliable Internet Connection.
  6. Enable Multi-Bitrate Streaming.
  7. Choose the Optimal Resolution.
  8. Test Thoroughly.
May 25, 2022


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